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we listen, we design, we deliver.

BH Drafting is a multidisciplinary architectural design firm delivering 20+ years of design experience and excellence in Texas. Our team celebrates design that connects people to a place. We are a diverse collection of passionate and talented architects, interior designers, technicians, and above all visionaries.

areas we serve.

At BH Drafting, we work with clients from all over the country. Currently, we work very closely with the following markets: Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, Odessa, Midland, and many other areas around Texas.


owner/lead designer

I was born and raised here in Lubbock and graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s in Architecture in 2013. After graduation, I went straight into the architecture field working hand and hand with local home builders and clients on both residential and commercial projects. I have always had a passion for Architecture but being able to see these projects come to life ignited a fire in me to start BH Drafting.


co-owner & interior design lead

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, and proud to still call it home. While growing up my father was a carpenter, building custom furniture and cabinetry, along with three of our personal homes. He continued his love for building by stepping out on his own to build houses full time. As a kid, job sites were just a part of my life.

I am now in my dream position with our family business, serving our hard working team as employee relations and using my design skills for commercial and residential projects.


lead architect, AIA

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas, lived in Arizona, Colorado, and California. Educated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University. My work history has involved projects of office buildings and spaces, retail, education, multi-family, and residential. The most unique project and the role I have had was being a project manager for team USC in the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition.


project manager

I am Alexander Erbe, project manager at BH Drafting and Design! My siblings and I were raised by two marines moving across the country every three years. I landed in Lubbock to get my BS in Architecture at Texas Tech University and I have stayed for the charm of this Town.


project manager

At BH Drafting I’m grateful to work as a project coordinator. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science concentrating in Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Integrative Studies. That being said, I was blessed with the opportunity to start working at BH Drafting in October of 2019 and found a passion in the world of design. I’m very eager to learn everything I can about the architecture industry and help to design your dream home!


architectural designer

I was born and raised in Glendale near Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Dallas, TX with my family when I was ten years old. Design is my passion. I began studying architecture in high school and that led me to pursue it in college. Throughout my studies at Texas Tech University, I have become increasingly interested in sustainable design. I love seeing greenery and naturalistic elements incorporated into space. In my free time, I am always thinking about the next woodworking project I can craft or planted terrariums I can add to my collection. If I can envision it, I will make it.


architectural designer

I am a student currently enrolled in the masters of architecture program at Texas Tech. I grew up here in Lubbock and decided to leave the area to pursue a bachelors degree from Texas A&M. I quickly found my desire to be in West Texas and returned home, with my wife, to continue my education in Lubbock and start my career. Since joining the team in September of 2020, BH Drafting has given me the unique opportunity to broaden my knowledge of residential design and has heightened my aspirations to continue my career in design as a future architect.


architectural designer

At BH Drafting I am a designer and draftsman. I am a senior interior design and architecture student at Texas Tech University. I grew up in the small town of Brady, TX and moved to Lubbock in 2017 to start school at Texas Tech. While finishing my final semester in the undergraduate program, I’m also beginning my first semester in graduate school to obtain a Masters’ in Environmental Design. I began working at BH Drafting in October of 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed the team, atmosphere, and overall work this company produces.


architectural designer

I am an Architectural Draftsman at BH Drafting. I started working at BH Drafting in August of 2020. I was born right here in Lubbock, Texas. I lived in Plainview, Texas for the early part of my childhood until we moved to Lubbock. I graduated from Lubbock Christian High School in 2018. Right out of high school I played college baseball at the University of Texas Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas. I moved back in 2020 and I am currently enrolled at Texas Tech as a junior studying construction engineering. 

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