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Candice Hayes

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, and proud to still call it home. While growing up my father was a carpenter, building custom furniture and cabinetry, along with three of our personal homes. He continued his love for building by stepping out on his own to build houses full time. As a kid, job sites were just a part of my life.

In addition to that, my grandma was a leader in the watercolor society here in town, so art and design is in my blood! It was so natural for me to want to follow in their footsteps so choosing Interior Design as my Major at Texas Tech was an easy choice for me.

After graduating in 2008, I went into sales for finish out materials for residential projects. I spent the better part of a decade at Morrison Supply specializing in custom homes and working with end-users to make the perfect selections. I have also done freelance design work for residential and commercial spaces. I had the wonderful opportunity to serve our local Make-A-Wish chapter as a development officer from 2019-2021. It was there that I learned, by example, how team-building activities and employee relations can greatly benefit a company and team morale.

I am now in my dream position with our family business, serving our hard-working team as employee relations and using my design skills for commercial and residential projects.

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