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Josh Allen

I am a student currently enrolled in the masters of architecture program at Texas Tech. I grew up here in Lubbock and decided to leave the area to pursue a bachelors degree from Texas A&M. I quickly found my desire to be in West Texas and returned home, with my wife, to continue my education in Lubbock and start my career. Since joining the team in September of 2020, BH Drafting has given me the unique opportunity to broaden my knowledge of residential design and has heightened my aspirations to continue my career in design as a future architect.

Outside of work, I enjoy hanging with my wife, watching sports, playing fetch with our dog, brewing coffee, and spending time with my parents on their back porch. On any given weekend, you could find me sleeping because I’m tired. If not asleep, I might also be gaming on my sick new oculus quest virtual reality headset.

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